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Astonishing Facts About Celebrity Net Worth


A lot of us are thrilled reading about the rich and the famous. Each day we get quite amazed when we read something about what they have, what they purchase, their homes, their families, and how their wealth gives them influence over many things. There are many facts about the wealth of these famous people that are truly astonishing. While everyone knows that they have a lot of money in store, yet when we read about their wealth in comparison to what the rest of us have, then it can somehow be difficult to fully understand. Here are some of these mind-blowing facts about the wealthiest people in the world.


When the wealth of the twenty riches Americans is put together, it is equal to what more than fifty percent of the lowest earners in the country earn together. And if we convert this fifty percent into number of people and households we can say it this way, that the wealth of the twenty riches people in the country combined in the same as the money earned by a hundred and fifty two million people in fifty seven million households combined.


The wealth of the one hundred richest people from America is the same as the combination of the wealth of every African American in the country. Out or these one hundred richest are only two African Americans.


If you combine the wealth of the entire Latino population in America, the sum is the same as the combined wealth of only 186 richest people in the country. Five of this Latino population belongs to the wealthy group.


If you combine the wealth of richest millionaires it can add up to trillions of dollars which is more than what almost two million of the lowest earners in the country receive in total.


The net worth of the average American family is less than a hundred thousand dollars. The net worth of members of the wealthiest group is around thirty six million times more than this.


The net worth of the average billionaire is around three billion dollars. To learn more facts about celebrity net worth, you can visit


There are five hundred thirty six billionaires in the US alone, which is more than any other country in the world.


The real estate property for every billionaire averages around one hundred sixty million dollars worth. The average number of real estate properties that these billionaires own is four.


Billionaires also own other assets aside from real estate. Some of them own sports teams, some have race horses, others own yachts and planes, and many also purchase fine art. And each of these items cost more than what the average person can afford for a house.


On the average there is a billionaire for every three million people.